The Manufacturing Event of the Year

The 2016 Oregon Manufacturers’ Summit brought together manufacturers from across the state. We celebrated with over 230 attendees – representing more than 8 counties and spanning nearly 230 miles of radius in the state of Oregon. We heard from Cheryl Collins of Ninkasi Brewing Company, as well as many other industry experts at our breakout sessions.

The only event of its kind, the Summit helped to create a collective state vision for manufacturing and build a network of individuals and organizations contributing to the success of manufacturing in Oregon. Thank you for joining us!

Oregon has a rich community of organizations that serve Oregon manufacturers. These public and private partners are dedicated to OMEP’s mission of creating results for manufacturers, and are committed to helping your business succeed.

We know that navigating this network can be daunting. How can you find the resources you need when there are so many to choose from? That’s why we’ve consolidated organizations into a handy partner tool, organized by service areas. This is a digital version of our previously published Oregon Manufacturers Resource Map. We hope you will refer to this guide often and find it helpful.

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State of Manufacturing Survey


The State of Manufacturing Survey is designed to help you prepare for the future, and understand that state of Oregon’s manufacturing economy.

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Brush up on the Presentations

Cheryl Collins

Chief People Officer Ninkasi Brewing Company

Keynote Address

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Tim Duy

Director, Oregon Economic Forum

State of Manufacturing

Download Presentation

Russ Gaylor

Consultant, OMEP

Making Great Workplaces: Foundations for Growth And Improvement

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David McFeeters-Krone

Intellectual Assets

Accelerate Development Through Innovation Partnerships

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Shawn Busse

Owner, Kinesis Inc.

Talent Engine: Recruit the Best of the Best

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Roger Jensen

Consultant, OMEP

Unleash Hidden Profits: Make Your Supply Chain Work For You

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Tami Trout and Jean Back

Trout Business Solutions, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

Nuts and Bolts of Recruitment and Retention

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Derek Lindahl

Consultant, OMEP

Your Secret Powerhouse: Preventative Maintenance Systems

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Teri and Alicia / Panelists

NW Food Solutions / Panelists

t Learn from the Best: How Manufacturers are Making Their Workplaces Great

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Paola Castaldo

Managing Consultant, OMEP

Job Skills: Creating a Confident and Engaged Workforce

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Anna Thames, Doug Porter

OMEP, DesignPort

Product Roadmaps: The Journey to Growth

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Jim Wehrs, Chad Summers


Growth Through Innovation: Refresh your Business Model for Maximum Gains

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Rose Marshall / Panelists

Framework Innovations / Panelists

Sell Beyond Your Borders: Overcoming Barriers to Success

Download Presentation

David Looper, Jennifer Fern

OMEP, KeyBank

Your Head and Your Heart Determine Your Transition Plan

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Derek Lindahl, Gary Conner

Consultants, OMEP

Driving Continuous Improvement Through Safety

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